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Parents often share with us that it can be frustrating to try to “pull” information about a child’s school day from him or her once the child is home again. The conversation might look something like:

Parent: How was school today?

Child: Good/fine/great/okay.

Parent: What did you do?

Child: I don’t know/nothing much

Parent: …

Below is a link to a free handout from The Reading Bungalow (found on Teacherspayteachers.com) that might help to frame some of these conversations.

Questions for Parent Child Conversation

If open ended questions don’t seem to be working, another option is to provide choices. For example, “Sally, did you have recess inside or outside today?” “Did you have Science or Art?” etc.

Taking time to talk with your child is a wonderful way to expand on his or her communication skills! 


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