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Welcome back!

It’s hard to believe Summer is already over, and we are back in school! So far things are off to a smooth start. We found several fall activities on the website speakingofspeech.com, which has lots of great ideas on articulation, vocabulary development, etc.!

Here are a couple of sequencing activities… Cut out the pictures, have your child put them in order, and see if they can tell you a story! Feel free to prompt them with the words: First… Next… Then… Finally/Last and encourage them to develop character names and other details, since they are playing the all-important role of “author!”



Here is a Fall scene and Fall pictures that can be used in a following directions activity with prepositions (location words) – For example… Put the pumpkin under the fence. See if your child can complete each direction without you repeating anything!



Finally, this is a phonological awareness activity that will help your child think about beginning sounds of words. See if your child can match the picture to the sound the word begins with!



Enjoy… Happy Fall! Please feel free to comment about questions you may have, things you’d like to know more about, or activities in specific areas that you’d like to see!

-The Placentino Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs)


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