April is known as Autism Acceptance month, a great time to share positive and accurate information about autism. We celebrate and promote acceptance of all of the people with autism in our lives such as friends, family members, colleagues and students.

Autism Speaks’ is a helpful website for parents and educators to learn about current research regarding autism with a lot of wonderful resources on the topic as well. Click on the link below from Autism Speaks’ for a list of autism-friendly activities in our communities within the Massachusetts area:

Autism Friendly Activities in MA 

-Placentino SLPs




The ASHA Leader recently (Dec. 1, 2017) published a summary of some research about home literacy activities, and their impact on executive function activities. The summary is found at the link below:


For the full article, go to the following link. Be sure to check out the recommendations near the end of the article. Happy Reading!

Home Literacy Practices and School Achievement

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Is your child working on words beginning with /p/?  Does your child need help with using pronouns?  Find books that address your child’s speech and language targets at https://booksharetime.com.  At the top of the home page, click “Find Books.” Then filter books by speech sound, grammar, concepts, etc.   Happy reading!


It’s hard to believe we’re already one month into the school year!

We’ve had parents ask about Speech and Language Milestones in the past, and have often referenced this handout:


This resource includes information about complex concepts, phonological awareness development, literacy, pragmatics, vocabulary, and several other areas.

Please reach out to us if you have specific questions!


Erin Fleischer, Susan Serreze, Julia Levin, Tanya Scott, Heather Nunes, and Lianna Ramage

Placentino Speech-Language Pathologists

It is so exciting to see your child begin on the road to using AAC to communicate.  As everyone is getting used to it, it can be hard to fit it into an already busy afternoon!   The Assistiveware Core Classroom has 5 minute fillers which can be great for home use as well.  These fillers are centered around everyday activities, and target words and phrases are provided.  Having everyone around the child modeling these words during the activity is a great way to immerse him/her in modeling of the device.  Some 5-minute fillers that would be very fun for summer include:

Have a great summer!!!

Growth Mindset is a concept that teachers and therapists throughout Placentino have adopted as a tool to encourage our students to learn and to persevere.

Below is a poster that serves as a parent guide, as well as a link to an additional helpful visual. Many of our students have really bought into the ideas that “I can grow my brain,” “Making mistakes helps my brain to learn,” “Trying something difficult helps me learn,” etc.! It is pretty amazing to see the progress we’ve observed with some of our students by introducing these concepts.


A Parent's Guide to GM


Both of these are free downloads from Schoolhouse Diva on Teacherspayteachers.com.


Parents often share with us that it can be frustrating to try to “pull” information about a child’s school day from him or her once the child is home again. The conversation might look something like:

Parent: How was school today?

Child: Good/fine/great/okay.

Parent: What did you do?

Child: I don’t know/nothing much

Parent: …

Below is a link to a free handout from The Reading Bungalow (found on Teacherspayteachers.com) that might help to frame some of these conversations.

Questions for Parent Child Conversation

If open ended questions don’t seem to be working, another option is to provide choices. For example, “Sally, did you have recess inside or outside today?” “Did you have Science or Art?” etc.

Taking time to talk with your child is a wonderful way to expand on his or her communication skills!